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Journal title : Journal of The Indonesian Mathematical Society

Initials : JIMS

Abbreviation : J. Indones. Math. Soc.

Frequency : 3 issues per year (March, July, and November)

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Print ISSN : 2086-8952

Online ISSN : 2460-0245

Editor-in-chief : Indah Emilia Wijayanti

Executive Editor : Fajar Adi Kusumo

Managing Editor : Hazrul Iswadi

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As a response of COVID-19, we receive manuscripts that contain the analysis of the disease in a mathematical or statistical point of view. We will give priority for the editorial process and publication in the closest edition for the accepted manuscript.

VOLUME 27 NUMBER 2 (July 2021)
Volume 27, Number : 2
July 16, 2021
Current Issue
Volume 1, Number : 3
Jan 21, 2022
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VOLUME 27 NUMBER 3 (November 2021)

Published: December 2, 2021

Application of Jaccard Distance Measure for IVIF MCDM Problems

249-260 Anusha Vulimiri, Sireesha Veeramachaneni

Analysis of Forest Carrying Capacity on Eos histrio in North Sulawesi

261-269 Nastitie Nastitie, Gantina Rachmaputri

On Birkhoff Angles in Normed Spaces

270-284 Hendra Gunawan, Muhamad Jamaludin, Mas Daffa Pratamadirdja

Connectivity Indices of Coprime Graph of Generalized Quarternion Group

285-296 Siti Zahidah, Dwi Mifta Mahanani, Karine Lutfiah Oktaviana

Gourava and Hyper-Gourava Indices of Some Cactus Chains

297-307 Basavanagoud B., Shruti Policepatil
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