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In this paper, the notion of limit property (-Tayyab kamran, 2004-) and common limit property (-Yicheng Liu & Jun Wu & Zhixiang Li, 2005-) for singlevalued and multi-valued mappings on metric spaces are generalized to S-metric spaces. This idea is used to make some common fixed point theorems for singlevalued and multi-valued mappings by using a generalization of coincidence point in S-metric spaces. We give an example of an S-metric which is not continuous.


Coincidence point Fixed point Hausdorff S-metric Limit property

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Pourgholam, A., Sabbaghan, M., & Taleghani, F. (2022). Common Fixed Points of Single-Valued and Multi-Valued Mappings in S-Metric Spaces. Journal of the Indonesian Mathematical Society, 28(1), 19–30.


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