Special Edition, Year 2011

Table of Contents


Graceful Labeling Algorithms and Complexity – A Survey ABSTRACT FULL PAPER
S. Arumugam, Jay Bagga 1-9
Distance Magic Graphs - A Survey ABSTRACT FULL PAPER
S. Arumugam, Dalibor Froncek, N. Kamatchi 11-26
On the Edge-balance Index Sets of L-Product of Cycles ABSTRACT FULL PAPER
Daniel Bouchard, Patrick Clark, Hsin-Hao Su 27-38
Decompositions of Complete Graphs into Kayak Paddles ABSTRACT FULL PAPER
Dalibor Froncek, Leah Tollefson 39-44
Living with the Labeling Disease for 25 Years ABSTRACT FULL PAPER
Joseph A. Gallian 45-58
On the Super Edge-Magic Deficiency and α -Valuations of Graphs ABSTRACT FULL PAPER
Rikio Ichishima, Akito Oshima 59-69
On the Edge-Balanced Index Sets of Product Graphs ABSTRACT FULL PAPER
Elliot Krop, Sin-Min Lee, Christopher Raridan 71-78
Vertex (a,d)-Antimagic Total Labeling on Circulant Graph Cn(1,2,3) ABSTRACT FULL PAPER
K. A. Sugeng, N. H. Bong 79-88
An Introduction to Distance D Magic Graphs ABSTRACT FULL PAPER
Allen O'Neal, Peter J. Slater 89-107
Decomposition of Complete Graphs and Complete Bipartite Graphs into Copies of Pn3 or S2(Pn3) and Harmonious Labeling of K2+ Pn ABSTRACT FULL PAPER
P. Selvaraju, G. Sethuraman 109-122
Totally Magic Injections ABSTRACT FULL PAPER
W. D. Wallis 123-131
How Provably Graceful are the Trees? ABSTRACT FULL PAPER
Peter J. Slater 133-136
Sin-Min Lee, Karl Schaffer, Hsin-Hao Su, Yung-Chin Wang

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