Further Remarks on n-Distance-Balanced Graphs

Morteza Faghani, Ehsan Pourhadi


Throughout this paper, we present a new strong property of graph so-
called nicely n-distance-balanced which is notably stronger than the concept of n-
distance-balanced recently given by the authors. We also initially introduce a new
graph invariant which modies Szeged index and is suitable to study n-distance-
balanced graphs. Looking for the graphs extremal with respect to the modied
Szeged index it turns out the n-distance-balanced graphs with odd integer n are
the only bipartite graphs which can maximize the modied Szeged index and this
also disproves a conjecture proposed by Khalifeh et al. [Khalifeh M.H.,Youse-
Azari H., Ashra A.R., Wagner S.G.: Some new results on distance-based graph
invariants, European J. Combin. 30 (2009) 1149-1163]. Furthermore, we gather
some facts concerning with the nicely n-distance-balanced graphs generated by some
well-known graph products. To enlighten the reader some examples are provided.
Moreover, a conjecture and a problem are presented within the results of this article.


Nicely n-distance-balanced, Szeged index, lexicographic, Cartesian and strong products.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22342/jims.25.1.563.44-61


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